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Pain, Pain, Go Away!
Why our clinic is a pain solution clinic, not a pain management clinic:

When you are in a significant amount of chronic pain, nothing else matters but figuring out how to get out of pain.  Fancy webpages and longwinded articles describing treatments and programs just don’t cut it.  When you are hurting, you probably just want to know if we can help you get out of pain.  You may not even care much right now why or how that is done, as long as it is safe, legal, reasonably priced and helpful rather than harmful to your body!  So, I (Dr. Sally) am here to tell you that we treat pain successfully, and we do it a lot!  We use treatments and methods that are natural and NOT addictive.  Our pain solutions are affordable, healthy and long lasting.  Whatever the cause of your body pain we are pretty confident that if you do what we tell you to that we can reduce your pain and make a very positive difference in your quality of life.

 If you are already dependent on pain killers, either ‘over the counter’ things like acetaminophen, or prescription drugs like opiates, we can help with stopping that, too.  In our clinic, we don’t judge people who are doing what they need to do to manage or stay out of pain, either.  (Note: We do not ever prescribe opiate based painkillers in our clinic.  We are a pain cause stopping clinic, not a pain management clinic!  The difference is subtle but vital!)  Our ultimate goal is to treat and stop the cause of the pain, not to ‘manage’ the pain.  Yes, that takes more work on our part- and on your part, too.  But the results are simply life changing.  So, if you are expecting a little pill to take a few times a day and that is all you are ready to do, that is fine, but please don’t come to us.  Go to a regular doctor for that kind of help.  But if you are ready for an in depth investigation of the true causes of your pain, and you are ready to start some serious changes in your food, lifestyle, movement routine and environment that will ultimately improve every part of your life, we are the clinic for you.

Why are we so confident that we can help you?  Simply because we are in the health creating field, and a healthy body does not hurt! Pain is a message from your body to your brain that something is wrong, something is not healthy in there.  The body wants the cause of the pain to be fixed. Therefore, if we use natural means to make you healthy, then pain will automatically get better because there is no need for the pain signal any more.   This is logic, not rocket science.  Most people pay more attention to the dashboard of their car than to their own body.  If you are cruising on the freeway and the red warning light comes on your dashboard, what do you do?  Do you just rip off the cover and crush the light bulb so the light goes off?  No, of course not!  You go to a mechanic and they figure out why the light is on and fix the engine.  Then, the light goes off when it is not needed any more.  Taking those painkiller drugs is just like crushing that light bulb!

So, how do we do it?  Well, first we start with good old traditional Naturopathic medicine.  We take the time to explore all the possible root causes of pain and discomfort and treat at the level of cause, rather than suppressing the symptoms.  We look at nutrition, digestion, food absorption, toxicity exposure, hormones, stress levels, liver health, mineral absorption, movement patterns and more.  We start a full body health improvement plan with every patient.  Then we apply specific problem focused therapies –depending on the cause of your problem.  In our clinic those include:  MANTIS ™ Injection therapy, Egoscue movement therapy,   Neuroprolo ™ Therapy, herbal remedies, LDA injection therapy, hormone balancing and HCG weight loss programs and more.  Everyone is different, so everyone will need a different package of care.  Interested?  Give us a call to see if our clinic is right for you!

MANTIS ™ Therapy

Massage Assisted Neural Trigger point Injection System is the darling of our clinic’s pain elimination program.  MANTIS is the creation of Dr. Sally Boyd Daughtrey and Morgan Phillips.  MANTIS is a new creation that is based on classic trigger point and neuroprolo therapy and traditional therapeutic massage teachings.  This luxurious treatment combines the pleasant experience of massage therapy and the dramatic pain relief of trigger point and neuroprolo injection therapies.  First, the patient receives a brief but specific body assessment using the principles of body mechanics to look for imbalances in posture and alignment.  Then, a focused massage is done to relax the patient, loosen tight  muscles and identify specific trigger points (stuck energy, holding patterns, fascia limitations, scars) which are charted carefully.  The Doctor then uses that chart as a specific guide to do injections of procaine or lidocaine into those spots to release those painful holding patterns.  After that, more specific massage is done to loosen the tissue and release the old stuck patterns.  Finally, a new evaluation of posture and stance is completed, and specific but easy ‘homework’ stretches are prescribed to get those positive changes to ‘sink in’ and become permanent.

This ‘Cadillac’ of physical therapy treatments takes 2 and ½ hours per session and involves 2 healers, both a massage therapist and a physician.  The benefits and results can last for weeks to a lifetime and can be basically compared to the benefits of 6-10 massage sessions.  Many people need only one MANTIS session, while some need up to 6 over time.  We suggest that MANTIS patients make sure they are taking in and absorbing basic minerals like calcium and magnesium for best results in muscle relaxation.  We also suggest that chronic joint pain clients continue improving with yoga or our clinic’s Egosque physical medicine stretching program.  For more information about this innovative therapy, inquire at 808-965-2233.

Our introductory price for a MANTIS session (Over 2.5 hours of one-on-one care) is only $280 through August!  (Trigger point injection therapy alone usually costs over $800 per session.   To go along with our vow to give you great work at great values, our total MANTIS combo package will be less than half of that!)

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