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Defining and Creating Bliss

What is bliss?

Bliss is a state of natural alignment, in mind, body soul and relationships, that is experienced as a simple state of happiness and satisfaction.  This state is relatively constant regardless of external circumstances.  It occurs when your body is balanced (in terms of proper hormones, neurotransmitters, adequate nutrition, exercise, etc.) and when your life is in a state of integrity.  Integrity occurs when what you think (or want, or believe), and say and do are all positive and are all in alignment.


                                                                                                        Experiencing fun moments with pets and nature changes                                                                                                                                                         chemicals your brain makes- for the better!

Got it? Ok, now imagine that each ‘grip’ is a healing method. For example, if someone comes to me with depression, I can use psychology techniques to help them. I can assess their hormones and use bioidenticals to bring them into balance. I can also use vitamins, like B12 and B6, which have been proven to help with depression. I can use herbs like St John’s Wort, or I can use energetic medicines like the right homeopathic remedy.  All of that at once may overwhelm the person, so we figure out together which ones are the easiest ‘grips’ for her to start grabbing onto to change the course of her life toward the bliss state. Once the wheel starts turning then other areas come up for deeper healing and the person gets closer and closer to the correct course of life.

I teach people how to figure out where they are ‘off course’ and then to find and use the best ‘grips’ to begin to change their current state to a more blissful one. Naturopathic Doctors have many, many effective ‘tools’ in our medicine kits.  Sometimes the challenge is to find the one that the person is ready and able to use.  That would be the ‘closest grip’ on the wheel of that person’s life. Then, we turn the wheel toward the course of bliss.

How do we—as a Doctor & Patient team, create bliss or allow it to emerge?

One useful metaphor is to imagine an old fashioned sailing ship’s steering device. The Captain had a large heavy wheel connected to the rudder under the ship. The wooden wheel had many handholds, or grips, around the edges. The Captain could grab whichever of the many grips was closest and use them to turn the whole wheel, which would then turn the rudder and change the direction of the ship toward the proper course.  If the current was strong then the Captain would have to put a lot of muscle into that turn, and he would seek the best leverage by grabbing the grips that were closest to his natural hand position, rather than reaching way under the wheel to a more awkward grip. He could also move the wheel a little with the closest grip, then grab a grip that was now in a better position and start to use that one to turn the wheel.