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    Let's get real here. . . erectile dysfunction and reduced function is so very common in men of any age, and many men and couples suffer in silence.  Our sexual health is a hidden but core element of physical and emotional health and happiness. She finds that she does not need to resort to tricks like the use of exotic, expensive and dubious ingredients (such as rhino horn or horny goat weed) to get you back on track, because total health naturally includes sexual health. Dr. Sally has a great record for helping men get back on track naturally and safely by improving total body wellness, hormone production and circulatory health. 

    To build on that success, she is now offering a unique and fast procedure that provides dramatic results FAST!  The whole thing takes just a few minutes and benefits can last 2 years.  Best of all, it is affordable and all natural, using PRP (your own healing molecules) to rejuvenate the area. Ask for a free consult with Dr. Sally to see if the 'P shot’ is right for you.  (Extra, extra. . .  some men get the P shot not because they ‘need’ it, but because it makes sex even more easy and enjoyable. . . as well as increasing functionality and often even size and girth. . . . and that is ok, too.)

    Dr. Sally's unique P-SHOT protocol is especially effective because she combines it with classic natural medicine to treat the whole person.  She looks at ALL the most common reasons for sexual dysfunction and addresses them naturally and effectively.  These include hormone deficiency or imbalance, nutrient deficiencies, blood vessel damage, heart problems, high blood pressure, relationship stress, and emotional stress.  Combining improvements in these key areas with a P SHOT procedure can provide strong and lasting results in a vast majority of cases.  We are sure that you will see and feel the difference and notice improvement in your sexual function.  In fact improvement is is guaranteed or we will redo your procedure for free!  You won't find that guarantee on a bottle of horny goat weed!

Men's Health and Sexual Happiness