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Diabetes Healing the Naturopathic Way

Naturopathic Healing for Diabetes and ‘Insulin Resistance’

Diabetes is a rapidly increasing epidemic in Western culture, with numbers of affected people doubling every 15 years or less.  ‘Allopathic’ (conventional) medicine is helpful in dealing with the ‘end stage’ serious complications of diabetes, but often falls short when trying to prevent or reverse diabetes. 

So how can a Naturopathic Physician help diabetes? 

Naturopathic Physicians use the ancient definition of ‘Doctor’ (Docere) - which originally meant ‘teacher’.  We help people discover the many ways to use food as medicine rather than as just calories. As one small example, research shows that increasing onions and garlic in the diet helps to lower blood sugar. Many small changes like this can add up to big changes in your glucose ‘bottom line’.

In addition, we use the latest research on nutrients and herbs that are scientifically proven to help prevent, treat or reduce complications from diabetes.  Some examples of substances that are proven to help diabetics include: therapeutic amounts of Vitamin C , full spectrum (not synthetic) Vitamin E, niacinamide and Vitamin B6.  These simple, low cost nutrients can not only help to lower and stabilize blood sugar as part of a full naturopathic treatment plan, but they can also prevent and treat some of the serious complications of the disease, such as ‘untreatable’ nerve pain.

If you are concerned about your blood sugar levels, even if they are not classified as diabetic ‘yet,’ consider working with a Naturopathic Physician.  Good care now can help you achieve normal blood sugar- and live longer and happier.

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