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     We use a very gentle and safe form of colon therapy at Vitality Clinic.  Our system uses filtered water at a comfortable temperature.  The water is 'gravity fed' which means there is virtually no pressure on the delicate tissues.  Our system uses a very small device that sits only an inch inside the rectum to deliver the water at a slow trickle regulated by the client.  This allows you to control the experience and it also exercises and tones the muscles of the lower bowel during the treatment. This type of session has long lasting benefits because it encourages 'peristalsis' (which is the automatic regular contraction of the muscles of the digestive system). Our treatments also include an abdominal massage before the colon cleanse as well as assistance during the session (or not as you chose). Aromatherapy, herbs, probiotics and minerals are used as needed.

   We encourage our clients to make use of our colon cleanse system as part of a full body cleanse, 'liver cleanse,' 'spring cleanse', 'fall cleanse' or other special detox program.  Our cleanse programs are medically monitored and created individually to respond to your unique needs. Cleanse packages are also provided at discounted rates to make doing the best for your body more affordable.



      Colon Hydrotherapy is a time honored component of many cleansing programs.  Colon hydrotherapy is the use of pure water or water with herbs and minerals in flushing and hydrating the large intestine. It is most useful in conditions that result in sluggish digestion, constipation or compromised  liver function and poor bile flow. Here at Vitality Clinic we carefully screen patients to make sure that their condition would benefit from colon hydrotherapy.  As Naturopathic physicians, our goal is to 'treat the cause' of the illness.  This means that we use colon therapy as a healing tool while we also diagnose and treat the underlying conditions or problems that lead to the need for the colon cleansing.  The goal is to create a system that 'self cleanses' and maintains its own healthy balance over time.

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